The Team

The basis of our success is founded on the team of ambitions and talented young people. The company has experience in employing more than 50 specialists, most of them are certified architects with full designer's qualifications. In addition to the core team of designers, the company is using a wide range of consultants in various fields, engineers, designers, urbanists etc.

Two of the key factors in the successful work of "ProArch" are the way colleagues interact and the quality of the relationships they create with the new members of the company. The existing cosmopolitan spirit is attributable to a certain degree to the fact that there were representatives of various nationalities at the company – Russians, Macedonians, Ukrainians, Greeks.

The professionalism of the team is the result of the desire for development and the abundant opportunities to draw upon the competence of the vastly experienced colleagues in the team, as well as the in-depth understanding of the normative framework and of new technologies in construction.

As designers their responsibility is twofold – they are responsible to their clients but also to the public and all the people who use their buildings. A great level of personal contribution combined with a commitment to use responsibly precious resources such as time and money have always shaped our relationships with our clients. Our most precious resource however is the creative genius of our team. We try to create beauty and add value at the same time as these two principles should never be at odds with each other. The quality of the design and its successful execution are pivotal for the approach our team uses.

The team of the company includes: