The Projects

To do architecture is to change the world. The architecture created by ProArch is the product of our drive for perfection. We believe that the environment we live in has a direct impact on the quality of our lives be that at the office, at home or in public venues. It is not only the buildings that impact our wellbeing, urban development solutions do that as well. We take care of the physical context of every project we work on. We try to be sensitive to the culture and climate. This principle is shared by everyone at ProArch. Our employees approach every project responsibly and this is evident in both appearance and execution. Our portfolio includes buildings of great public importance and smaller-scale projects, but our approach to them is equally involved. The proof for that is not so much in the prizes awarded to the company by various architectural competitions, as much as in the returning clients, coming back with renewed desire for new projects.

We have made developments in the field of classical design and building design, but also in the field of city planning, urbanism and territorial planning. Furthermore, the problems of the interior have not been neglected and interior design is being integrated by the team from the very early stages, aiming to achieve organic integrity of the overall design.